Custom jobs:

PGD-Art Editions can do the following special and custom designs for customers:

  • Christmas greeting cards
  • Prints as gifts for conferences participants
  • Prints to commemorate special events
  • Publications: books covers and illustrations, etc.

Contact us via e-mail to discuss your project and to check availability of work by your favorite artist.



Corporate gifts - Trophies


PGD-Art Editions can design trophies and commemorative plaques that incorporate sculptural or printmaking.


Other services


The edition of works of a single artist by supplying PGD-Art Editions the original texts and layout.


Artistic lexicon: if you would like to clarify or expand your understanding of a specific term related to the art of printmaking and sculpture please consult our "Guide to Art".


Looking for something and you do not see on our web site? Please email us at and we will do a personalized search for you. 

Trofeo de golf

Escultura de elementos naturales

Christmas "Estrella con nubes"

Estampa digital

Placa conmemorativa

Metacrilato y linograbado

Christmas "Las flores de pascua del año pasado"

Estampa digital

Christmas "Flor de Pascua 13"

Fotografía digital

Christmas "Estrella con hojas de poinsetia" y "Paloma marina en invierno"

Gofrados de linograbado

Christmas "Poinsetia dia y noche"


Pájaro y árbol

Cuarzo, madera y hierro

Piedra y madera

Escultura para premio de certamen literario

Portada del libro "Enerma 2007"

Portada basada en estampación digital

Portada del libro "El cambio climático más allá de Kioto"

Portada basada en estampación digital

Portada del libro "Libro verde del medio ambiente urbano"

Portada basada en estampación digital

Portada del libro "Trama 2006"

Portada basada en estampación digital