who we are

For 20 years PGD, Ediciones de Arte has specialized in the promotion of original limited edition prints and, more recently, small sculptures. Our primary objective is to promote the art of printmaking by making it available to institutions, collectors and the general public. We do so using tradition as well as modern techniques that appeal to diverse tastes, but always maintain a high stand of artistry.


In order to achieve our mission and reinforce our commitment to printmakers, PGD has had a stand for the last 15 years at Estampa Art Múltple in Madrid, and regularly participates in cultural events such as the International Festival of Contemporary Engraving Bilbao.


Likewise, we maintain a constantly updated online exposition of works on our website, where print lovers can find a wide array of works appealing to all tastes. As publishers of art, we also handle sales for the Madrid based group of printmakers P/A Grabadores, among the ranks of which are several well known artists.


PGD- Art Editions was founded in 1988 by Ana Cueto Asín and Carmen Requejo Sánchez. The team is currently comprised by:


  • Ana Cueto Asín: Founder and Director of PGD

  • Carmen Requejo: Founder of PGD

  • Luis Ignacio Sanchez: Graphic and Artistic Design

  • Rubén Agudo: Website Design and Management